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NK ClearNav Flight Computer with Secure Recorder


Clearly Superior.
Bright. Intuitive. At a Glance.
A New Generation of Soaring Instrumentation

The NK ClearNav Flight Computer with Secure Recorder

An integrated cockpit navigational instrument and display providing full situational awareness for glider pilots.

ClearNav takes the potential of cockpit navigation to new heights.

State-of-the art display
Sophisticated software functions
A full-function remote keypad
Multiple installation options
A simple user interface
Integral GPS & secure flight recorder
Airspeed/wind input compatibility
Near unlimited memory and easy data transfer
Vibrant, bright display eliminates squinting- easily readable in full sunlight
Single screen and Glide-Amoeba makes viewing alternate landing spots simple and straightforward
Focus on flying with the Turn Area Task Management feature – stop making distracting, constant adjustments and inputs in the air
β€œAt this point I am ecstatic about Clear Nav. I used it for most of last season without any glitches whatsoever. It performed amazingly well. I was able to place 3rd out of 17 in our local club cross country contest. I was quite pleased because I jumped from 12th place to 3rd beating many pilots with far more experience than I ( that was my 6th flying season with no previous flying