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Train smarter with the Stroke Coach System from NK. Get all the essential information you need to train and race effectively:
  Stroke rate
  Stroke count
Time, stroke rate and stroke count are accurately measured and clearly displayed. Stroke rates are automatically stored in memory for later recall.
Perfect for small boats, the Stroke Coach system is small, light, strong, waterproof, bouyant and easy-to-use. Durable and flexible, the Stroke Coach offers many training possibilities—install one for the stroke of coxed boats to see the stroke rate, or, mix and match with the Speed Coach system in multiple seats of smaller boats to give every rower in the boat the information they need on practice and race day.
Wiring is available independent of the display unit, making it affordable to make every boat in your club or school fleet Stroke Coach ready.
Installation is quick and easy. Choose either the footstretcher or deck/wing rigger brackets to mount your Stroke Coach unit where you can easily read it. The stroke rate sensor is mounted to the deck of the boat and is triggered by a small magnet mounted on the seat.

Stroke Coach Measurements

Stroke Rate
Stroke Count

Stroke Coach Features

Large, Easy-to-Read Display
Single-Button Operation
Long Battery LIfe
Standard Wiring Compatible

Stroke Coach Accessories

Protective Bumper

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