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RTDAQ (Real-Time Data Acquisition) is datalogger support software targeted to industrial and other high-speed data collection applications. RTDAQ replaces PC9000 as Campbell Scientific's flagship product in the industrial marketplace. RTDAQ includes connection support for the CR9000X, CR5000, CR3000, CR1000, CR850, and CR800 dataloggers.

RTDAQ features a simple interface. Dataloggers are set up with the EZ Setup Wizard, then they are selected and connected via point-and-click operations. Frequent features can be accessed via the toolbar. Screens for data collection and data monitoring are available in the main screen by selecting the appropriate tab.

RTDAQ has a variety of windows for monitoring data from dataloggers in near-real time. The Table Monitor allows quick viewing of entire output tables. With the Fast Graph, data traces from a datalogger can be monitored in a window width as small as 1 msec, with resolution support for individual points up to 100 kHz.

With the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Viewer, both single-valued (amplitude or power spectrum) and dual-valued (complex, amplitude-phase) FFT spectra can be viewed. Histograms calculated by the datalogger can be shown as they are made available by the program. Rainflow histograms are also supported for programs using the corresponding instruction.

RTDAQ includes Short Cut for program generation, as well as updated versions of the detail-level program generators for the CR9000X and CR5000 that were previously available in PC9000. Programs with sensor calibration using the new FieldCal instruction can be generated with both generators. This enables the real-time, nonintrusive calibration of measurements via the keypad display or the Calibration Wizard included in RTDAQ.

For viewing of historical data (data collected from dataloggers into *.DAT files), RTDAQ includes View Pro. This program allows extensive display of multiple selections of data, as well as viewing of specialized data storage such as FFTs and histograms.


New user interface: look and feel similar to LoggerNet and PC400
Variety of new windows for monitoring datalogger data in near-real time:
Fast Graph (similar to PC9000 Virtual Oscilloscope)
Histogram Viewer
FFT Viewer
Table Monitor (monitors tables similar to the PC9000 Field Monitor)
X-Y Plot
View historical data files in specialized modes (FFTs and histograms).
Integration with RTMC and PakBus Graph
Program Generation
ShortCut is included for program generation on the CR800 series, CR1000, CR3000, and CR5000, as well as entry-level capability for the CR9000X.
Updated versions of the detail-level program generators for the CR9000X and CR5000 are included (previously available in PC9000).
Download a fully-functional 30-day trial version by clicking the Downloads link at right.


PC Operating System: Windows Vista, 2000, or XP
Current Version: 1.0

Producing Area:USA

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