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The CR7 is a precision instrument that is primarily used in multi-parameter research and industrial applications. Each CR7 system is individually configured to meet the specific measurement needs of the customer.

A control module is the base of the measurement system, then the input/output module, datalogger enclosure, and I/O cards are added. As measurement needs change from study to study, the CR7 can be adapted by modifying the I/O card configuration.


Suited for applications that require high resolution (e.g., thermocouples) or a large number of input channels
Up to seven I/O Cards (CR7 720) or fourteen I/O Cards (CR7 720XL) can be inserted to configure a system for specific applications
Stores 280,000 data points
Modular design consists of:
Control module (CR7 700X)
Input/output module (CR7 720 or CR7 720XL)
Field or laboratory enclosure (ENC 7F, ENC 7XL, or ENC 7L)
24 kbyte ROM, 40 kbyte RAM
Data format is mixed array
Software support offered in LoggerNet (full-featured) or Short Cut (programming)


Scan rate: 80 Hz
Processor: Hitachi 6303
Memory: 24K ROM; 40K RAM; 709 Card provides an additional 512K RAM
Communication Port: 1 CS I/O
Baud Rate: 300, 1200, 9600, or 76,800 (user selected)
I/O Module Interface: Optically isolated current loops allow connection of up to 4 I/O Modules. I/O Modules can be separated from the Control Module by up to 1,000 feet.
Clock Accuracy: ±1 minute per month.

Producing Area:USA