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MieteV is a Management and tracking system for garment hire with economical evaluation in laundries.

The overall system consists of the main components:

Input sorting
Garment hire management system (a central component is the data base) 
Output sorting


Garment hire management system

For each garment hire the following characteristics are provided:


Size & Price

One size is associated with a assortment and an article. For each size, and price group a wash price, a rental price per day and a purchase price is set.


Customer (house, department, person)

It defines the customer information for the rental, delivery and billing.



By capturing the output and input in the laundry you get a daily pro rata billing rent invoice. This will create invoices for the washing and the renting. You can choose between a total and single display. There are single and total billings for the customer.


With the help of the residual value accounting, you can relieve the customer from the lost parts of him.



There are reports on the inventory, to the input, output, lost parts, consumption, stock consumption. For a month or a week delivery surveys or IT statistics are produced. These statistics can show based on cost or weight.

Flexible in adaptation

Clothes taged by

RFID (Radio Frequency ID)

Kind of company

Dry cleaning

Different kinds of extension

manual input- and output register (print delivery notes and invoice)
Locate the clothes in different places of the company

Producing Area:Germany