QT-DFB01 Desktop plant stem strength tester

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Product description:

The lodging of maize, sorghum and tobacco has caused insufficient illumination, and in turn enormously limited crop yields for a long time. Meanwhile, it has also caused great difficulties in crop mechanized harvesting, thus a lot of grains have been wasted. This instrument can test plant stem strength, and it applies to genetic breeding in agriculture as well.

  QT-DFB01 Desktop plant stem strength tester


1. Data can be shown on a big LCD with screen rotation function;

2. The instrument can be connected to computer for trial test, data downloading, printing and analysis. Several parameters such as input speed, area can be converted to displacement and pressure, respectively;

3. The instrument is equipped with various kinds of platens for convenient measurement;

4. It is easy to use, time saving, and of high precision;

5. The instrument can show remaining battery life and it can automatically power off when battery life is low.

6. The instrument is equipped with spiral test platform, ladder-shaped screw rod and hand wheel for easy and steady operation.


Technical Parameters:


Made in China