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QT-SC02 Frequency vibration solar insecticidal lamp

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Product description: QT-SC02 Frequency vibration solar insecticidal lamp can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetable, tobacco, warehousing, liquor brewing, gardens, orchards, urban greening, aquaculture, etc., especially in fields attacked by cotton bollworm. This lamp can trap and kill the farm pests, forest pests, fruit pests and vegetable pests, mainly including cotton bollworm, scarab, cutworms, corn borer, fruit noctuid, beet armyworm, Prodenia litura, fall webworm, longhorn beetle, up to 87 families and 1287 species of insect pests.

QT-SC02 Frequency vibration solar insecticidal lamp

Technical parameters:

Insecticidal lamp

1. Frequency vibration technology
2. The impact area: ≥0.15m2
3. Light trap: frequency vibration tubes (320 ~ 680 nm), single tube
4. Dust-proof and waterproof no less than IP66 grade
5. Service life more than 50000 hrs., operating temperature - 30℃ ~ 50℃
6. The electrified wire is coated with electric arc resistance materials, the wire diameter is 0.6 mm. The wire can instantaneously release voltage as high as 2000 -3000 V when touched by insect pests. The wire is made of stainless steel mesh. The horizontal part of the wire is winded spirally in case of short circuit caused by insect boy residuals. Wire space can be adjusted according to different target pests (usually no more than 10 mm)
7. Insulation column can stand instant high temperature of 1000 degree Celsius, corrosion resistance, high voltage resistance. In raining day, after 30 minutes of continuous high voltage arc, insulation column is still intact without carbonization;

the controller
1、time setting combined with light control function 24V/12V automatic identification, power consumption < 10 mA (no load), no stroboflash;
2、light source power can be controlled by limiting current, and it has many merits, such as reverse access protection, reverse charging protection, overcharge and over discharge protection, short circuit protection, lightening protection and temperature compensation protection functions. Dustproof and waterproof level is no less than IP66 grade;
3、12 V/24V 10A controller with automatic identification function, optical + control + period of time the control;

Solar battery components
1. 40 W solar battery components                                                           
2. Insulation ≥100 Ω

3. Wind resistance 60 m/s

Solar battery
1、12 V 24 AH solar battery
2. Total capacity ≥ 24 AH
3. Operating temperature - 30℃~ 55℃
The light pole
1. Height ≥ 2.8 meters

2. The diameter of threaded hole in the pole is no more than 5 cm, stiffener at the joint of flange and light pole
the overall
1. Temperature range -40℃~ 55℃

2. Control area: 3.3 ~ 4 ha
3. Lamp startup time: ≤5s



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