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Q-CPX System


Q-CPX System


A collaborative design effort between Qubit Systems and Morgan Scientific has led to theQ-CPX Breath by Breath Cardio-Pulmonary System. The focal point of the development was to provide an advanced system suitable for teaching and research in university kinesiology and physiology labs.

The key feature of the system is fast gas analysis using infra-red and laser diode technology. Precise flow and volume acquisition are assured across the wide range of physiological measurement from quiet/resting ventilation to peak expiratory flow rates. The signals of flow, CO2 and O2 are dynamically aligned under software control. A single high pressure pulse of calibration gas is used to perform the alignment and to calibrate the CO2 and O2 gas sensors. Temperature, barometric pressure and humidity sensors are included for dynamic corrections due to varying environmental conditions.  In addition to respiration measurements the system provides standard spirometry data. To download more information about the Q-CPX System click  

A Nonin SpO2 module is provided for blood oxygen saturation measurement and options for treadmill, bicycle ergometer (with or without automatic blood pressure capability) and 12-lead EKG are available. The Q-CPX can be offered as a simple desktop module or supplied with an elegant mobile console.  Contact Qubit Systems today to discuss specifications of your Q-CPX System.

All subject contact accessories (facemask and/or mouthpiece and flow pneumotachograph) are disposable.

Measurements include:

Foundation data:

  • FEO2

  • FECO2

  • Breath Flow

  • Ventilation

  • Work Load

  • Oxygen Saturation

  • Heart Rate

  • Temp. Pressure, RH

Calculated Parameters:

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Minute Ventilation (VE)

  • Oxygen Uptake (VO2)

  • Carbon Dioxide Production (VCO2)

  • Tidal Volume (VT)

  • End-Tidal Partial Pressure of Oxygen (ETO2)

  • End-Tidal Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2)

  • Dead Space Fraction (VD/VT)

  • Respiratory Quotient (R)

  • Ventilatory Equivalent for O2 (VE/O2)

  • Ventilatory Equivalent for CO2 (VE/CO2)

  • Ventilatory Reserve

  • Ventilatory Threshold

  • Heart Rate Reserve

  • Oxygen Pulse

  • Flow Volume Loop

  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation

The Q-CPX System includes a PC running the renowned ComPAS Software suite for automated cardiovascular fitness measurements.   From configuration of test protocols to test runtime capability, report designing and post data presentation or export for research, ComPAS Software can do it all.

Through use of a highly versatile graphical user interface, ComPAS allows the user to define both the runtime screens as well as final data output. Spirometry can be performed pre, post or during exercise. The runtime test screen is designed to capture data allowing the user to  focus on the subject exercising.

Exercise runtime studies can include user-configurable “Events”. These may involve dynamic capture of flow volume loops for users wanting to evaluate ventilatory responses to exercise. Other “events” may be the recording manual blood pressures or the taking of ABG or even just an observational note.

During real-time data acquisition, data are constantly evaluated to ensure that meaningful values are being measured. If a parameter appears to be outside of expected clinical range then an “Alert” is shown. These alerts are based upon script settings and the ranges can be changed by the user if desired.

Post test report capability is extensive. Report presentations can be designed to allow for any combination of header information (including logos) data format, graph size, order and computer impression.

For research purposes, a user-configurable exporter is provided which allows for individual data sheets or workbooks to be formatted and exported to Excel.

Through internet connection, the Q-CPX provides bi-directional communication with Qubit scientists. By invitation we can view the system and assist customers.

Calibration of the Q-CPX System is fully automated.  A novel algorithm is used to perform flow calibration using a minimal number of strokes with a calibration siringe.  The  set up ot the Q-CPX System is minimal and accuracy is assured.

 Metabolic Rate Analyzer



Specifications of Metabolic Rate Analyzer:

CO2 Sensor

  • Operating Principle – Infrared Spectroscopy

  • CO2 Range – 0% to 13%

  • Operating Temperature – 5°C to 55°C

  • Power Consumption – 335 mW

  • Response Time –   Detector – 28 ms (typical), System – 100 ms (typical)

  • Breath Rate- >60 bpm

O2 Sensor

  • Operating Principle- Laser Diode - Optical Absorption

  • Range – 5% to 100%

  • Resolution – 0.01 Vol.% O2

  • Linearity – 0.2 Vol.%

  • Response time (T90) – 130 ms @ 200 mL/min flow

  • Operating Temperature – 0°C to 50°C

  • Operating Relative Humidity  – 5 to 95%

  • Operating Pressure – 25 to 115 kPa

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