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Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respirometry Teaching Package


The Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respirometry Package is used in the teaching lab to measure metabolic rate in aquatic animals and uses similar principles to Qubit’s more sophisticated research systems for intermittent flow respirometry.

The animal is placed in a respirometry chamber and the decrease in dissolved O2 due to consumption by animal is used to measure metabolic rate.  Values of oxygen consumption rate (VO2) are calculated, displayed and saved in software.  Measurements are made sequentially without removing the animal from the chamber.  The chamber is flushed with fresh water between measurements.  These intermittent flow measurements overcome disadvantages of continuous closed respirometry in which dissolved O2 level in the chamber may decrease to a hypoxic level.  All of the components are housed in a rugged weather proof case for easy transport and storage.



Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respirometry Package includes:

  • G217 Large Respiration Chamber (660ml)
  • G216 Small Respiration Chamber (140ml)
  • GT-FT Flow-through O2 electorde
  • O2 Electrode Maintanance Kit (KCL filling solution, membrane material and filter paper, o-rings, calibration  solution, polishing strips)
  • A231 O2 Electrode Amplifier
  • PL175 Liquid Pump (1LPM)
  • A235 3-Way Valve
  • C200 Digital Control Unit for 3-Way Valve
  • A750 Water Bath
  • S132 Temperature Probe for Water Bath
  • S181 Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • C410 4 Channel Data Acquisition Interface
  • C901 Software
  • Rugged Weather-proof case
  • Q-Box AQUA Accessory Kit (tubing, connectors, needle valve, chamber o-rings, 2x10cc syringe)
  • User Manual
  • A248 Battery Pack (optional)

During an experiment with the Q-Box AQUA the animal is placed in the respirometry chamber which is immersed in the water bath.  Fully oxygenated water from the water bath is circulated through the chamber and the flow-through O2 electrode in a closed loop (circulation phase).  The 3-way valve is controlled by the software to close the loop.

 flow-through O2 electrode

Dissolved O2 declines as the animal consumes O2 and this decline is measured by the O2 electrode.  From the rate of the decline the respiratory O2 consumption is calculated in the software.  The water is circulated through the system via the liquid pump.

Initial conditions are restored during flush phase.  During this phase the 3-way valve is activated by the software to open the loop so that fresh oxygenated water is drawn from the water bath, and is flushed through the respirometry chamber.

The circulation-flush cycle is  repeated until the experiment is terminated.  The time of the flush and circulation phase are selected by the user.


  • Aquatic Respirometry Studies of Vertebrates and Invertebrates.
  • Lab and Field Studies (with optional Battery Pack)

Software: Data Collection Page

Software: Data Calculation Page

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