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Q-Box SR1LP Soil Respiration Package


The Q-Box SR1LP Soil Respiration Package provides the user with all of the materials required to measure soil respiration using an open-flow gas exchange system when the rate of respiration is high, or as a closed-flow recirculation system when the rate of respiration is low.  The Battery Pack and Charger allow the use of the package in the field conditions.  Air is pumped at a known flow rate through the soil chamber and sensors.  The concentration of CO2 in the air is determined using the Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer.   In the open-flow system the difference in CO2 concentration entering the flow through the cuvette holding the soil sample and exiting it is used to calculate the rate of respiration.  In a closed-flow system the initial rate of CO2 accumulation in the soil chamber (placed on top of the soil surface) is used to determine the rate of respiration.

In addition to soil respiration Q-Box SR1LP package allows measurements of soil temperature with the S132 temperature probe and water loss from the soil with the S161 Temperature/Relative Humidity sensor.  The flow through the system is monitored by the Q-G266 Flow Monitor.  The Analog signals from all of the sensors and analyzers are converted to digital signals via two integrated LabQuest mini interfaces (6 channels).  Data is displayed, recorded and manipulated on a PC or Macintosh computer using Logger Pro software.

The Q-Box SR1LP Soil Respiration Package includes:

Sample soil respiration data from a closed-flow system:

Q-Box SR1LP software provides calculation templated for determination of soil respiration rates.

There are many other potential applications for Q-Box SR1LP package both in open flow and closed gas exchange systems.  For example, it can be used to measure CO2 exchange from any organism or sample maintained in a flow-through chamber.  In addition, it can be used to examine respiration or fermentation in aqueous suspensions when air or N2 is bubbled through the suspension and the outflow gas is analyzed using the CO2 Analyzer.  Provided that CO2 production rates are in the correct range, the package can be used to measure CO2 production of virtually any biological system.

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