New HOBO® MicroRX Water Level Station from Onset Enables Simple, Cost-Effective Monitoring of Stormwater, Floodwater, Irrigation, and Other Water Systems

Minutes can make the difference when it comes to mitigating the effects of floodwaters, stormwater, and even compromised irrigation systems. For the delivery of near real-time water level and flow alerts, Onset, a world leader in data loggers and weather stations, today announced the launch of the new cellular, web-enabled HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station. Using the same 4G cellular technology widely adopted for mobile devices, the station provides fast, reliable communications. Now, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to obtain real-time alerts of critical conditions and near real-time access to data, for better decision-making.

The HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station, combined with Onset’s ceramic water level sensor, delivers calculated water level and flow data through the powerful cloud-based HOBOlink® software for remote reporting and management. As a result, hydrologists, growers, and others can access their water level data via any web-enabled device to get timely information whenever and wherever they need it. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, the tough, compact station is available with built-in solar power or battery power.

“Monitoring water level can be particularly challenging, especially with the need for immediate access to critical data in what are often severe weather conditions,” said Onset President, Jim Towey. “Our HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station makes it simple for hydrologists and growers to get timely insights from pre-configured water level formulas. And at the same time, they benefit from the proven expertise of our HOBO environmental monitoring solutions to deliver the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and performance.”

Key applications of the new HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station, include:

  • Stormwater monitoring – supporting requirements for federal and state industrial permits, on-site inspections, and wetlands monitoring
  • Floodwater mitigation – providing an alert system for potential flood situations
  • Irrigation control – delivering accurate water usage data for conservation, water use records, and water rights issues
  • Hydrological studies – monitoring surface water systems and aquifers, to support water quality and environmental studies

HOBO MicroRX Water Level StationThe HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station is a cellular, web-enabled water level monitoring solution for stormwater, floodwater, irrigation, hydrologic, and environmental applications. It features pre-programmed water flow formulas for select weirs, flumes, and a stage discharge table, replacing complicated manual calculations with easy, intuitive configuration. Additionally, new water flow and accumulated rainfall calculations, performed directly on the station at time of measurement, trigger immediate notifications of critical water level conditions so users can act quickly.

For reduced maintenance visits and reliable monitoring in harsh conditions, the tough, compact station includes both a non-vented, ceramic water level sensor and a barometric pressure sensor. Users also can add up to five plug-and-play smart sensors in order to monitor a range of environmental parameters.

Configurable Water Level StationOnset makes it easy for customers to configure their stations. Core offerings feature the HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station with user-selectable data plans, an integrated barometric sensor, and Onset’s water level sensor with customizable range and cable length. Power options include either a built-in 1.7 W solar panel and rechargeable battery pack (for more power, a 5 W external solar panel can replace the integrated solar panel), or user-replaceable AA lithium batteries. The station can receive data from Onset’s suite of plug-and-play sensors to measure a variety of environmental parameters, including rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, calculated evaporation, leaf wetness, soil temperature, light, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), solar radiation, and wind speed and direction.

HOBOlink Cloud SoftwareHOBOlink, Onset’s web-enabled software platform, makes it easy to view water level data remotely and to manage the HOBO MicroRX Water Level station and sensors. It features a customizable dashboard for instant visualization of current and historical data and enables users to set email or text alarm notifications when conditions reach user-set thresholds. Delivered as a cloud service, HOBOlink gives users instant access to site-specific water level and flow data on any device, anywhere, anytime.